Bookmarks Status

My horribly named bookmarking webapp "Bookmarks" is coming along.   Reacquainting myself with Django has been fun and informative.   The app currently has user support and basic saving of bookmarks, so I'm switching over to using it for my own bookmarks.  The deployed version can be found here, but signups are disabled so there's not much for others to see.

For the deployment environment I decided to go with Heroku.   The ease of set up, design, documentation and tooling won me over.   I only had to make a few changes to get the app Heroku-ready:   switching from a locally imported and uncommitted settings file (which never sat right with me anyway) to using environment variables, configuring static files to be served from another server, a simple database tweak, and going through the rest of their Getting Started with Django guide.  Once you have your project set up on Heroku, deploying changes is a simple git push.  It's been one of the better experiences I've had setting up a project in a long time.

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