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Learn at least one new language every year.  Different languages solve the same problems in different ways.  By learning several different approaches, you can help broaden your thinking and avoid getting stuck in a rut.
- The Pragmatic Programmer

Was that really written almost 15 years ago?  Time flies.

It's been a while since I learned a new language.  I started messing around with Clojure, and it's been a blast.  It is the most fun I've had programming since the first time I fired up Squeak and started poking around.

I can't seem to break out of the "every project looks like a blog engine" mold, so I started another web app called Logbook (source).  Inspired by this post by Austin Kleon,  it'll be a very simple way of logging what you did for the day.   I started keeping a personal logbook using text files a year ago, and really like it.

Logbook uses Clojure, Compojure, and Clabango (I gotta have my templates).

My Clojure Path

The following has helped me get to where I am so far:

So far I'm finding Clojure challenging but fun.   It's a welcome punch in the brain if you feel you've been spinning your wheels.

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